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Wild at heart? Wildjay is a haven for Free Spirits, Reckless Minds, Rebels and Beautiful Souls to express their unique, revolutionary and fearless identities. Wildjay is not just apparel. It is a way of life that stands for being "you" without any restrictions. It's about being liberated by expressing yourself without boundaries and status quos. And letting your beautiful story be heard. Also celebrating refreshing new movements of world changers. When you are yourself you have everything you need to change the world.
Ever notice that anyone who ever changed to world was the least expected? Leading the change in calling wild hearts to express themselves and standing in their beliefs is Wildjay, owner Jadira Amaya (Yadi).  Born in East Los Angeles, Yadi knew exactly what it meant to be a wild flower. Even after moving to Salem Oregon, Yadi found herself on the streets. In an environment that could have easily broken alone with a faint heart, Yadi pushed to continue to grow into the inspiration she is today. Yadi's mission is to inspire and empower people through her story and through a creative outlet in Fashion. 
Wildjay Apparel was named after Yadi's wild flower from concrete story as well as herself and her saving grace, daughter Jasmine. We are so excited to expand our arms to reach new Free Spirits, Reckless Minds, Rebels and Beautiful Souls around the globe. When we are free to be ourselves, dress the way we like, express our creativity and differences we create a voice the world will hear. 

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